Jasper ai Review & Demo: Is the hype real?

Jasper ai is a big player in the ai writing space. We decided to take it for a spin and complete a Jasper ai demo. During this evaluation we used the tool to complete various projects, evaluated it’s cost structure, and understood how it worked relative to alternatives. We cover it all here!

Jasper ai Demo: Summary of Our Review

We tried Jasper’s features by writing some sample blog posts (no not this one!), cold emails, and facebook ad copy. To get up to speed, we reviewed some of the many video tutorials and contextual support links within the platform.

Given our time using other AI copywriters we already had a bit of a feel for expectations. But even with that, it seems pretty easy to figure out and again, no shortage of support without having to root around.

Relative to some other options we’ve tested so far, we believe Jasper to be quite robust. It can flex between short and long-form copy pretty well. And we particularly enjoyed the “command” and “recipe” features once we started drafting blog posts in particular.

Overall we think Jasper ai is an impressive tool. Based on it’s growth trajectory so far and it’s continued investment in the tool we are excited to see where it heads from here.

With that quick overview, we’ll cut to the chase with our takeaway and then zoom back out and walk through all the details.

Jasper ai Review: Our Takeaway

Takeaway: Based on our Jasper ai demo, we believe the tool to be very versatile and powerful. It takes a little guess and check and getting up to speed to really reap the rewards of it’s features. But an investment of time understanding how to fully leverage the platform pays off in perpetual time savings and quality content from there.

While you have to put a credit card down to get the free trial, we think it’s worth a try. Particularly if you’re focused on writing long-form content. If you want to see for yourself, visit Jasper and take it for a spin.

What is Jasper?

Jasper is an AI copywriting tool. The platform is built to help content creators draft original content quickly, while also incorporating keyword research, proofreading, and website publishing (via third-party integrations).

They’ve grown quite a bit since inception, both by acquisition and organically, and were recently recognized for this growth via Inc 5000:

screenshot of Jasper's Twitter announcement making Inc 5000 list

(Editor update 10/2022: Jasper recently announced it’s latest funding round amidst tremendous growth)

Jasper is the latest version of the brand. The company originally started as Conversion.ai. After continued growth and various acquisitions, they rebranded to Jarvis ai. In 2021 they then rebranded again and landed on Jasper.

Who Is Typically Using Jasper?

Jasper ai is used by entrepreneurs and agency owners looking to leverage technology to improve content creation.

Bloggers, social media agencies, and ecommerce sites are the main targets for this tool.

Jasper ai, and any of the other AI copywriting tools, are typically not going to be best suited for writers focusing on “factual” content. While it can handle that with very specific prompts, we’re not sure it provides enough leverage to learn the tool.

It can still help with a lot of the other pieces of the writing process (outlines, titles, SEO-related tasks around an article to drive traffic).

But nothing replaces actual research and domain knowledge. So if you’re writing an extremely technical, fact-based article, you should expect to do most of the initial drafting yourself.

Other than that, if part or all of your work revolves around creative writing. Jasper ai could be a great fit.

What are Some Jasper ai Alternatives?

While Jasper.ai is a big player in this space, it definitely has company. Some of the most notable alternatives are:

All of these platforms are based on the same GPT-3 engine as Copy.ai. But each has it’s approach to using the technology.

As you evaluate if Jasper is right for you vs. some of these other options, it will be important to understand your needs and how you intend to use the tool. Each platform is taking a different approach to solving the same core issue (writing good content in less time).

For instance, Copysmith is fairly focused on ecommerce sites. So bloggers or other such sites will probably not be as interested in this tool.

Whereas copy.ai is trying to hit a number of different use cases. And, as noted above, Jasper.ai offers plans also catering to specific needs (short-form vs. long-form).

Other features may be more or less important depending on what you’re interested in.

As another example, bloggers using WordPress may find Writesonic’s WordPress plugin compelling. This makes it the easiest option to publish content in a click rather than copying/pasting over and working through that manual process. Writesonic also has a unique pricing structure where users can not only pay for a word budget, but also adjust up or down based on quality of words.

Ultimately though, all generally attempt to solve the same problems of:

  • Reducing time involved producing great content
  • Generating new, relevant ideas
  • Avoiding writer’s block when writing content

But as each does so differently, trying the one or two that are geared towards your need the closest and then going from there should prove useful. Check out our comparisons as we continue to build them out for further discussion.

How does it work?

The tool uses GPT-3 to generate content. GPT-3 is an AI algorithm developed by Openai.

This algorithm uses deep learning and is built to produce outputs sounding like natural, human-written text. It does this by scouring the internet. It then uses that vast amount of data to draft output based on given context.

Openai recently opened the algorithm to outside parties, so companies like Jasper can use it to deliver services commercially. According to Openai, companies like IBM, Salesforce, and others are using this technology for development purposes too.

Each company that licenses the technology plugs into it via an “Applicable Programming Interface” (API). They then develop it for their purposes, “training” the AI to produce desired outputs given likely inputs.

This is a really exciting space, and we only expect it to grow from here. Likely exponentially.

As a result, companies like Jasper have a huge incentive to get big and be a brand name in this space. As there are already numerous competitors and more likely coming online. While most in the space have focused on similar users, as time goes on we’d imagine other niches start to see tools built for them.

How do you use Jasper ai?

After signing up for our Jasper ai demo, we were directed right into the user dashboard.

Right away you’re greeted with quick videos to help get started, and access to the Facebook group for community support.

Personally, we couldn’t help ourselves and dove right in, accessing the templates section to see what we could start working off of.


template screen viewed during jasper ai demo
The template screen in Jasper

For this particular sequence, we selected “Document” which is intended for longer articles. With this template, you can either go write to the main content editor, or select a workflow to be guided through the process.

The latter takes you first to a prompt asking you to describe your content in as much detail as possible (including any target keywords). Then with that you can try your hand at drafting a title or have it automatically propose one based on what you wrote in Step 1. From there you generate the intro paragraph (again either you can, or you can have Jasper try from scratch).

The better content you provide in Step 1, the better output you’ll likely get. As we note elsewhere, becoming skilled at clear contextual inputs for AI copywriting tools will become an important skill.

In just a few minutes, the sample blog post we were writing was complete with title and intro paragraph. In the screenshot below, the first paragraph was generated by Jasper without editing by us. The title was “AI Copywriting Tools to Draft Better Cold Emails: How to Improve Your Sales Pitch”.

content generated during jasper ai demo
Content editor showing Jasper’s initial output

The input we provided Jasper to generate the title and first paragraph was “Writing a blog post about using AI copywriting tools to draft better cold emails. This post is intended to help salespeople trying to improve their cold email copy with the assistance of AI.” So, not too bad for a first try with no edits.

After the intro paragraph was complete, we selected the available option to write the next paragraph, building off the first. We highlighted the reference in that paragraph just because we though it was funny Jasper wrote about another tool, not itself. I guess this goes to show it’s trying to be objective even when given a chance to sell itself!

Now, beyond that basic example we think it’s important to highlight two other content creation features.

Command Feature

One is the “command” feature. A pretty slick shortcut entails writing into the editor itself a command, and then hitting a keyboard combination to turn that into content. For example, the command below:

command feature during jasper ai demo
Trying Jasper’s command feature

… turned into:

output of command feature during jasper ai demo
Output from Jasper’s command feature

Not too bad!

At first this feature seemed “neat”. But as we have spent more and more time in Jasper, it’s become our go-to.

How we started using Commands in our Jasper ai demo

We will commonly start with commands like “Write an outline about [describe topic] including [number} of points”. Once we’ve done this, we edit for style, accuracy, and keywords. These become our “H2’s”

Under each H2, we might write “Write a paragraph introducing the topic [topic[ and explaining why it’s important”. This could spit out anything from a few sentences to a few paragraphs, actually. With that content in place, we edit again for accuracy, style, readability, etc.

Sometimes we may enter another command to follow that paragraph with additional content. Many times the juices are flowing naturally and we just write the rest of that section ourselves, building off what Jasper got started and using our prior research to write quality content.

We have found by using the command feature and proper prompts, we have been able to move through some longer articles in a manageable way. Jasper ai doesn’t write the article for us. But it sure does help us structure, execute, and ideate quickly to build on the work we put into the process before opening the tool.


The other feature which we believe to be a time saver by keeping you organized on valuable content vs. formatting is “recipes”

These are pre-designed structures that you can take and fill out, using the above command feature, to build out your longer-form content. So instead of spending all kinds of time trying to set up the perfectly structured blog post, you can start with a pre-built “recipe”. This allows you to focus more on creating valuable content and less on the structure.

recipe feature in the jasper ai tool
Some of Jasper’s recipe options

These two seemingly simple features can add up to some solid time savings when drafting content.

So overall, while it took just a little while longer to sign up and start getting comfortable with the features then say, copy.ai, it didn’t take long for Jasper to start showing real promise for our needs. We’ve really enjoyed our time in the tool.

Jasper ai demo video

For an even more comprehensive review of how Jasper ai works, this video delivers. Who better to show you more of the tool then their own CMO?

A quick 10-minute demo video of Jasper ai

What are some of the tool’s features?

Jasper really emphasizes it’s SEO-ranking-focused capabilities. This includes the ability to integrate third party solutions like SurferSEO.com. This integration pulls keyword research and focus directly into the tool so you can tackle the majority of a content creators focus in one place.

We have used SurferSEO as well and have found it to be a great complement to Jasper or any of the other AI copywriting tools. Same as some of the benefits of AI copywriters, SurferSEO has helped with speed to execution drafting content. In Surfer’s case, it’s helped us draft content highly optimized for target keywords. And as great content only provides value if others find it, this is obviously an important part of the writing process.

Jasper.ai allows a user to move amongst various copywriting methods throughout a piece of content. For instance, for a blog post, inserting a headline template, intro paragraph template, and so on. This pairs the context you provide to Jasper with structure for the content, enabling quicker creation of a piece of writing to then edit.

Another nice feature of Jasper.ai is the incorporation of Grammarly (in Boss Mode). Same as the SEO integration referenced earlier, Jasper has pulled together various services to allow you to handle research, creation, and proofing all in one place. Added time savers on top of the pure ai copywriting technology. We found this to be really helpful.

Finally, it’s important to note that Jasper seeks to address a major concern over AI copywriting tools: plagiarism. Jasper has built into it’s system the ability to run a plagiarism checker, using Copyscape, to scan for any issues. Publishing with confidence you are putting out original work is crucial, and this helps do so. Additionally, SurferSEO also offers it’s own plagiarism checker. So if you’re using Jasper along with SurferSEO you’ll have two resources to confirm your work is truly original and authentic.

What are some of the benefits of using Jasper ai?

After completing our jasper ai demo, in short: saving time and publishing more compelling content.

Users will greatly benefit from the integration of keyword research, content generation, proofing, and plagiarism checking all in one. To be able to spend majority of time in one place while quickly bringing an idea to life is a game-changer.

For bloggers, this allows you to create more content around your niche and relevant keywords, helping improve authority and potential for additional traffic.

For ecommerce site owners, this tool can help you or your team quickly draft compelling copy in a manner that doesn’t distract as much from all your other responsibilities. Many online store owners can focus on a great product but struggle to gain traction without enough time spent on content and copy to drive traffic and sales. A tool like Jasper can help tremendously here, as a standalone or part of a broader strategy to outsource writing responsibilities.

Social media agencies will benefit from generating more ideas faster to finetune campaigns. And time savings for agency owners also translate into more time with existing clients and landing new clients.

What are some of the drawbacks?

Jasper ai, as any AI copywriting tool, needs great inputs to produce great content. It’s a little more involved then just clicking a button.

Any user of Jasper will need to be thoughtful about the context input to generate first drafts. As noted above, Jasper has helped by pulling in various integrations allowing you to do alot of this in a single system. But nonetheless, this does not turn content creation into a mindless affair.

Additionally, good knowledge of copywriting principles, marketing, and deep knowledge of your audience is still required. This isn’t really a “drawback”. But the point is, incorporating an AI tool like Jasper does not equate to bringing on a partner who will 100% handle writing responsibilities.

We thought one other drawback relative to some of it’s competitors was the lack of a free trial. This misconception was based on the representation online that there’s a 5-day money-back guarantee. But when we went to sign up, it is actually a “free trial” (albeit with limited words relative to the stated plan limits). So to do a Jasper ai demo like we did, you do have to put down a card, but if it doesn’t work for you, you can cancel within 5 days for no charge (we did not cancel). Even beyond that, the monthly cost makes it a low barrier to start.

But relative to some others that let you taken them for a spin without putting down a credit card, it’s a little more of a commitment to get your feet wet in this space. That said, particularly if you’re focused on long-form content creation, and could benefit from it’s integrations, we think this is totally worth it to try.

What are the Pros and Cons of Jasper ai?

These are the main items we determined during our Jasper ai demo:

Jasper ai Pros

  • Saves time
  • Prompts ideas quickly
  • Contextual support
  • Integrations
  • Flexible for different needs

Jasper ai Cons

  • Extra costs for integrated features
  • Credit card required for trial

How Much Does Jasper ai Cost?

Jasper ai offers three plans based on your needs, and then within each plan pricing is going to vary further based on words needed each month.

Starter Plan

Jasper ai’s starter plan begins at $29/month assuming 20,000 words per month. This includes over 50 templates to build on, support for 20+ languages, and includes up to 5 users. Jasper advertises this as the plan for hobbyists and those just getting started in the content game. It’s geared towards short-form copy.

Boss Mode Plan

Great name right? Geared towards bloggers and content writers (so, long-form writers). Boss Mode includes the Starter features and includes an upgraded editor, some additional features, and priority support from the team. This plan starts at $59/month for 50,000 words and increases as word count increases as well. This is the plan we focused on for our jasper ai demo.

Business Plan

For enterprise-level users, Jasper brings full customization for a package, tailored to the needs of your business.

Does Jasper ai offer a free trial?

Yes. While not as easy to try out as an alternative like copy.ai because you have to put down a credit card, Jasper stands behind the product and believes you’ll be impressed. After signing up, you have 5 days to try the tool before you are actually charged. Beyond those 5 days, for those serious about trying this technology, spending $29 for the base option to give it a try over the course of a month is probably worth it. We chose to maintain the Boss Mode plan after our trial ended.

More details including a line by line comparison can be found on Jasper’s pricing page.

So, is Jasper ai Worth It?

Whether jasper.ai is worth it or not is based on your needs. On one hand, the tool is packed with features that can be helpful for content creators, from grammar checking to style recommendations. Additionally, jasper.ai is quick and easy to use, which can save time and frustration.

However, the tool does have its downsides; for example, the style recommendations are based on the developers interpretations of need vs. maybe any unique needs you may have. While they cover a lot of ground, it won’t hit every need.

In the end, whether jasper.ai is worth it depends on your individual needs and preferences as a content creator.

In our experience, it has been quite impressive in terms of generating content, and providing flexibility to write a full blog post from A to Z, or just supporting better sections of a blog post written manually.

Jasper ai Review Based on our Demo: Our Conclusion

Our Jasper ai demo showed a lot of promise. We think Jasper will take some time for a new user to really get the most out of it. But the video and contextual support was strong. And the community a constant source of support.

The tool brings a lot to the table on it’s own, with features that allow for great flexibility depending on your needs for a particular project. And when considering the integrations with keyword research, plagiarism checking, grammar/proofreading tools, it really supports an efficient process from A to Z.

For serious users of AI copywriting tools, we believe Jasper is a top performer and should be seriously considered. The free trial does provide time for someone dedicated to getting to evaluate it before making a decision. And since each of these tools has their nuances that help or hurt based on needs, that trial could come in handy. But overall we believe anyone trying the tool will come away impressed with it’s flexibility, purpose-built features for writers, and quality of the output relative to many peers.

If you’re interested after reading about our experiences demoing the tool, check out Jasper ai today! And once you have, drop us a note with your thoughts and feedback. We’d love to hear from you.