Copy ai vs. Jasper ai: Not what we expected

We know a lot of bloggers, copywriters, and others are looking at the growth of copywriting tools and wondering if they should give them a try. We also know they all seem similar on the surface, and deciding between them can be tough. So after spending our time and resources in both tools, researching and trying their features, we’ve put together this head to head of two major competitors. With that we present copy ai vs. jasper ai.

Specifically we wanted to compare the features and understand which one was better for writers looking to add an ai copywriting tool to their toolkit.

This is a bit of a spoiler, but we initially expected to come out on top. Part of this was it’s name recognition in the marketplace. Part of it was how easy it was to gain access and start using the tool (we were up and running in less than 1 minute).

However once we signed up for Jasper ai and took some time to learn it’s features, including using some of it’s integration partners, we were really impressed.

Note: if you want to skip this head to head and see our in-depth reviews on each, you can visit our copy ai and jasper ai reviews.

So with that, let’s start with the basics. What are these tools?

Introducing copy ai and jasper ai

Copy ai homepage
Copy ai website

What is is an AI-powered copywriting tool. Started in 2020, it has grown quickly and now boasts over 2,000,000 users. helps users generate marketing copy in seconds with a few prompts. It’s intended user base includes digital agencies, copywriters, eCommerce brands, bloggers, and other content creators.

Jasper ai homepage

What is Jasper ai?

Jasper is also an AI copywriting tool (obviously!). The platform is built to help content creators draft original content quickly, while also incorporating keyword research, proofreading, and website publishing (via third-party integrations). Jasper is a newer brand name for the tool that originally started as Conversion ai, had a brief stint as Jarvis ai, and then rebranded last year into Jasper.

Where do these tools fit in the AI copywriting market?

The ai copywriting market is growing quickly. More and more brands are realizing the benefits of using ai-powered copywriting tools to help them draft original content quickly and easily.

Copy ai and Jasper ai are two of the most popular tools in this space, and both offer similar features and benefits. While was initially the more popular tool, Jasper has been gaining ground rapidly thanks to its impressive feature set and integrations with other publishing platforms.

As noted, both tools look very similar when you visit their websites and compare pricing, features, etc. It was hard for us to differentiate before diving in ourselves. Both market themselves towards the same demographics, claim the same benefits, and at their core, offer the same feature: ai powered writing and re-writing.

Comparing the features of copy ai and jasper ai


To compare copy ai and jasper ai, we first looked at their pricing structures. Both tools have different pricing plans, so it was important to understand what each offered.
Free Plan0 (2k words)NA
Basic PlanNA$29/mo+ (20k words)
Advanced Plan$49/mo+ (40k words)$59/mo+(50k words)
Comparing pricing options for and Jasper pricing offers a free plan including 2,000 words per month, which is a nice way to get your feet wet for free. You can also trial the paid option for 7 days (without a credit card).

A free account also gives you access to various free one-off tools discussed below. It has less variability in features amongst the paid plans, with the differentiator in pricing for the paid version based on solely on word count.

Jasper ai pricing

Jasper doesn’t offer a free plan, although it does offer a free trial (requiring a credit card on file). There are also some easy ways to both improve your knowledge of the tool and gain a few free months via enrolling in their live education sessions. A pretty nice touch and investment on their end to help users get into the system (and from their perspective, obviously hopefully stay).

Jasper offers some more variability in options than via the choice between their starter (basic) and boss mode (more advanced) plans. The former is geared towards casual users and those focused on short-form copy. Boss mode includes all the bells and whistles and allows a user to flex all the way through long-form content.

For anyone intending to truly use the system on a regular basis, we highly recommend trying boss mode.

Copy ai vs. Jasper ai Winner (pricing): TIE – Each has it’s pricing pros and cons and the right choice based on pricing is going to depend on your needs and budget.


Next, we looked at the features of each tool. This included how easy they were to use, the type of copy they generated, and how well the copy matched our tone and style.

Ease of use

When it comes to technology, ease of use is key. No one wants to spend hours trying to learn how to use a tool – they want to be able to pick it up and start using it right away. That’s why when comparing copy ai and jasper ai, we gave appropriate weight to the ease of use factor.

We were up and running on in minutes. Incredibly easy onboarding, very straightforward, intuitive interface. We really had no issues getting from main page to drafting useful outlines and content in no time. The learning curve on this tool is shallow and we think a really nice entree into the AI copywriting space. took a few more minutes to get going. Partially because there were more options to choose from on the plan side, but more so when getting into the tool. Jasper counteracts this by displaying intro videos at the very start of your login process. And as noted above, proactively offers education sessions to get you up to speed.

The contextual support within the program is also really strong and we rarely find ourselves rooting around for answers to questions we have.

Bottom line though is that a new user will need to budget some time to learn the system.

Copy ai vs. Jasper ai Winner (ease of use):

Quality of output

When evaluating the quality of copy, it’s important to look at a few factors. The first is how well the copy matches your tone and style. The copy should sound like it came from you, not from a machine.

Another key factor is how well the copy is written. The copy should be error-free and easy to read. It should also be well-organized and flow logically.

Finally, consider how useful the copy is. Is it actually helping you achieve your goals? Or is it just taking up space? wrote quality content in general. There are two areas we noticed deficiencies, however.

The first was the prevalence of extreme run-on sentences. We found ourselves taking sentences and breaking them up into 3-4 different sentences of more reasonable length. This was fairly persistent and surprising. We suspect this will continue to improve as time goes on, but was an edit we weren’t expecting to make as much.

The second was performance for longer-form copy. We just struggled to fully embrace it for longer pieces (like, beyond a paragraph or maybe two).

It was EXCELLENT for generating short-form copy ideas, quickly and easily. Titles, descriptions, meta tags, etc. It really did well and again, was incredibly easy to start using. We also really liked the ability to call out ideas we liked and save them and/or specifically request more like those to keep going down that similar theme.

We would note that many of these tools are included with a free account, and think they belong in any copywriters toolkits.

Jasper ai, once we took a few minutes to navigate the system, seemed to produce higher quality output for normal paragraphs, outlines, etc. To the extent it actually surprised us. There were numerous instances of duplicated content, misplaced facts, etc.

In terms of duplicated content, it does have a built in feature to avoid that (specifically, using the symbols “***” to break it off from prior content). For misplaced facts, we weren’t looking for it to include those in the first place (we need to do the research, not AI) and just removed them.

Jasper does offer tutorials on how to write fact-based content, but as noted earlier here, if you are focused on highly fact-based articles, you will do a lot more work and should expect less from any AI copywriting tool right now.

Overall though, Jasper was high on the quality scale.

Copy ai vs. Jasper ai Winner (quality): Jasper ai


Finally, we considered integrations and other publishing platforms.

Jasper ai

Jasper includes powerful integrations with:

  • Surfer SEO: Surfer helps writers optimize articles based on topic matter. It pulls in most impactful keywords and provides parameters for how to work optimizing techniques into your content. Having Surfer and Jasper working together in one place is a huge time saver and very powerful to write content that’s actually found, and therefore helpful to others. Requires separate subscription with Surfer to work.
  • Grammarly: Well-known grammar editor/proofreader. Again, helpful to have this in the same place to merge both creation and proofreading parts of the writing process.
  • Copyscape: Copyscape is a plagiarism checker. While Jasper claims extremely low rates of incidence of plagiarism, it remains a risk. This integration allows users to publish with confidence their work is not infringing on others. Note that this once again comes at an extra cost based on word count. doesn’t really offer integrations like above, yet.

Copy ai vs. Jasper ai Winner (integrations): Jasper ai

Summarizing the pros and cons of copy ai and jasper ai Pros

  • Ease of use
  • Free (limited) plan
  • Short-form copy tools Cons

  • Long-form copy performance
  • Experience transferring work to CMS

Jasper ai: Pros

  • Long-form copy performance
  • Integrations
  • Unique features

Jasper ai: Cons

  • Learning curve (relatively speaking)
  • Credit card required for trial

Copy ai and Jasper ai demos

Before explaining our recommendation, we know many users will want to see the tool in action before deciding too. Both Jasper and have good demo videos available for this purpose. For ease of review we’ve included each below: demo video

Jasper ai demo video

Explaining our takeaway, or why jasper ai might be better for some users than copy ai

With all of above taken into account, who do we think takes the battle of vs. jasper ai?

Our Pick

Jasper ai

Jasper has the greatest ability to handle a more diverse set of needs, from short-form to long-form copy. And it’s integrations make for great efficiency for users who choose to incorporate them. While either option may be a better or worse fit depending on specific needs, Jasper is our all around pick today.

Overall winner: Jasper ai

That said, these are both fantastic tools. We are very excited about this space overall and believe these tools will quickly become an integral part of any writer’s toolkit.

Many have expressed concerns about what AI copywriting tools can do to the quality of writing or the impact they’ll have on writing jobs in general. But we view them as nothing more than a tool (as we’ve also discussed in this article on online writing tools).

The more time great writers have to take raw content and turn it into a unique, valuable piece for their audience, the better for all. And we believe these tools can do just that. Help improve the creative process, take a writer from blank page to outline to words pouring forth with ease.

Used by skilled writers, these can only improve the work, we believe. But yes, used by poor writers they can expand the proliferation of low-quality, nonsensical output onto the internet. That said we have confidence the Google’s of the world will filter such work out via their own technology to prioritize genuine, quality content in search and other results. We only need to look to the 2022 search updates for evidence of those efforts.

Overall, we don’t think writers can go wrong with either AI copywriting tool we’ve compared here today.

Depending on your needs, could be great. And it’s free tools are very generous and should be bookmarked even for those using other tools.

For those willing to make a little more investment of time learning a tool, and for those needing a little more flex in capabilities, Jasper ai has proved very powerful. And when adding on additional subscriptions for SEO and other purposes (Surfer SEO, etc.), the overall package can really supercharge your content generation capabilities.

For those reasons, if you HAVE to pick one (the assumption of this whole article!) this is why we’ve chosen Jasper ai.