Copy ai Alternatives: The latest (2022)

We recently posted an in-depth review for our readers. In this article, we’ll quickly break down the most popular alternatives to this tool. Check it out and let us know what you think!

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What are Copy ai Alternatives?

As we wrote in our review, we think is a great entry point into the AI writing space. With a free trial of the Pro plan and ongoing access to free tools beyond that, it’s an easy starting point.

The blog idea tool in

But different tools work best for different needs, and with that in mind, let’s quickly break down the list of main players.

Copy ai alternatives: Alternatives – Our Summary

Easiest Set Up

  • Easily get up and running
  • Intuitive interface
  • Good for short-form copy

Jasper ai

Most Flexible

  • Tons of contextual support
  • Strong integrations
  • Good for short and long-form copy


Creative Pricing

  • Plans that flex for your needs
  • Good for short and long-form copy
  • 1-click export to WordPress


What is Jasper ai?

Jasper was started in 2021 and is based out of Austin, TX, based on it’s Crunchbase profile. It’s come a long way in a short time and is generally viewed as a strong option in the AI copywriting space.

Those digging into this space may come across two other names which we wanted to note here – and

Conversion ai is the original branding for Jasper. After several acquisitions of other GPT-3 based AI copywriting tools, they rebranded to

Then, after experiencing a ton of growth, they apparently got the attention of none other than Disney. According to Suresh Chaudhary, the Jarvis name was a nod to J.A.R.V.I.S. in the Marvel movie Iron Man. At some point Disney decided it was time to step in. So, rebranded to And here we are today.

What is Jasper ai used for?

Jasper is designed to help draft:

  • Blog articles
  • Advertising copy
  • Social media posts
  • Website copy
  • and more

With rave reviews on G2 and Capterra it clearly serves many happy customers.

We recently completed an in-depth Jasper ai demo and wrote a full review on our experiences. We’ve also done a more in-depth line up of copy ai vs. jasper ai. If you’re narrowing the search down to these two, take a look.

So far, Jasper has the edge on Copy ai when it comes to writing long-form content. The manner in which it breaks long articles down into pieces, and then works through each of those results in a quality product.

With shortcuts like Recipes and Commands (see our review for more info), you can pull together good content quickly. The more we’ve used it, the more impressed we’ve become.

Which languages does jasper support?

Jasper supports 25 languages at this time, with english being it’s strongest offering.

What does jasper ai cost?

Jasper starts at $29/month for the starter plan. This includes 50 AI templates, support for 20 languages, and several users. With a 5 day, 100% money back guarantee it allows users to give it a try.

For serious bloggers and marketers, the “Boss Mode” plan (nice name!) will be most people’s starting point. This starts at $59/month. In addition to getting more words per month, additional editing and templating features come with this plan.

For business/enterprise users, a customizable plan and pricing is available. Based on the number of large corporations using Jasper, this appears to be leveraged accordingly.

For a more in-depth review, check out our article based on a recent Jasper ai demo.

Jasper ai Video Overview

For the more visually inclined, we think Jasper’s 10 minute video below does a great job diving into it’s features as well.


What is copysmith?

Copysmith was founded in 2021 as well and has raised outside funding to pursue it’s development and growth plans, according to Crunchbase. Based out of San Francisco, it too has become a sizeable player in the AI copywriting space.

What is copysmith used for?

Copysmith is predominantly geared towards the e-commerce space, and companies serving these brands. The tool places a heavy focus on product pages and all related matters. Including key areas that help ecomm brands rank on search (meta tags, etc.) and convert visitors to buyers (product descriptions, etc.).

Which languages does copysmith support?

Copysmith supports English only at this time, but intends to bring other languages online over time.

What is copysmith’s pricing?

Copysmith starts at $19/mo for it’s base “Starter” plan. This includes up to 40,000 words a month, and 20 plagiarism checks per month.

For more regular users, the professional plan is $59/month allowing up to 260,000 words per month, 100 plagiarism checks per month, and support for teams.

Enterprise level users have access to custom plans.

Copysmith offers a free 7-day trial, so similar to it’s easy to try for yourself to see where this ranks for your needs.


What is Writesonic?

Writesonic rolled out in (you guessed it) 2021 and is based in San Francisco. They’ve raised outside capital as Copysmith has, but to a lesser extent. It boasts 200,000 businesses as customers.

What is Writesonic used for?

Writesonic is built to serve:

  • Bloggers and other writers drafting long-form content
  • Ecommerce brands looking to rank and convert sales
  • Online marketers using social media, google, and other PPC avenues

Which languages does Writesonic support?

Writesonic supports 24 languages at this time.

What does Writesonic cost?

Writesonic offers an interesting pricing structure relative to other options. It differentiates not just by number of words, but also quality of words (premium, good, average, economy).

It’s free trial provides 6,250 words, and many templates as is the case with other options.

It’s short-form plan starts at $10/month with word count varying based on the above quality options selected. Designed to support marketers and ecomm users looking for short copy and not full-length written pieces.

It’s long-form plan starts at $13/month, and again varies on word count based on quality choices. This plan is intended to meet the needs of users focused on long-form content (hence the plan name, right?).

Writesonic offers some interesting features including 1-click wordpress export (in a nod to a current drawback of other tools), zapier integration, and various helpful features for specific types of users.

Writesonic demo video

If you’re interested in seeing the tool in action, the video below shows how to write an article. While there are many other ways in which it can be used, we figured this is a good all-purpose example to start with.

What copy ai alternative is best?

Our Pick

Jasper ai

Jasper has the greatest ability to handle a more diverse set of needs, from short-form to long-form copy. And it’s integrations make for great efficiency for users who choose to incorporate them. While each option may be a better or worse fit depending on specific needs, Jasper is our all around pick today.

As an all-around, general purpose AI copywriting tool, we think Jasper ai takes the top spot right now.

That said, all of these options are built on the same underlying GPT-3 engine. But they all manifest it’s capabilities in a different way, focus on different segments of a writer’s needs, and have pros/cons to cost structure.

The good news is, several of them make trying very easy with 7-day periods where no credit card is required. The others require signing up but offer free trial periods, or money-back guarantees.

As the space is so new, and each tool has a unique look and feel, we suggest ruling out the ones clearly not built for your needs and then testing 1 or 2 to see if they fit. And keep an eye on this space – it will evolve quickly and we’re betting each of these copy ai alternatives will just get better with time.

Since is one of those with such an easy program to try it out, if you think it’s one of those 1 or 2 options, see our review and try for yourself!

We’d also note that these AI copywriting tools are only 1 component of an online writer’s process. We discuss other online writing tools here and tips for writing better here.

Have we missed one of the major copy ai alternatives? Have thoughts on what we have included? We’d love to hear from you here.