Why We Need To Fear A “Reichstag Fire” also known as a “false flag attack.”

Except it won’t be “false”.

In 1999, bombs blew up 3 apartment complexes in three different Russian cities, killing 293 people and wounding over a thousand. Similar devices were used in all bombings. A fourth, similar bomb was found and defused before it could explode. Local police arrested three FSB (the new KGB) officers for planting this last bomb.

Despite that arrest, Prime Minister Vladimar Putin, who had been elected to that office, blamed these attacks on the Caucasus Islamic Institute and used them to start the Second Chechen War. More importantly, he used these acts of terror to leverage his way into the Presidency a few months later and pass stringent laws giving him control over the populace he has never released since.

Calls for investigations were made by the Russian Parliament, of course. These were not supported by the government, which was now Putin’s controlling party. Two key legislators who pushed for investigations were later assassinated.

It is widely believe the FSB did all the bombing on Putin’s orders.

Thus we now have Putin. The man who our current President praises.

On 27 February 1933, the German parliament building, the Reichstag burned.

The German Chancellor, who was elected, was named Adolf Hitler. Arriving at the fire, he immediately proclaimed it the work of Communists. Without any proof. Hitler called it “a sign from God” that Communists were to be exterminated. The next day Hitler got President Hindenburg to sign Article 48, the Reichstag Fire Decree, which suspended most civil liberties in Germany. No more habeus corpus, no freedom of the press, no right of free association or protest, and tapping of all mail and phone. Any publications not deemed friendly to the Nazi regime were banned.

At the time of the fire, the Nazi party had roughly 33% of the vote. By suppressing Communists, they were able to increase that to 44%. Still not a majority, but enough.

By 27 March, just a month later, the Enabling Act gave Hitler the right to “rule by decree”. Hindenburg was out and Hitler was dictator. Democracy was over in Germany in just a month. We all know the results and what it took to stop this.

Historians disagree who was behind the fire. Recent evidence supports the claim that the Nazis set the fire themselves and used it to leverage Hitler into power when the majority of the country was against them and Hitler. But everyone in Germany paid the price. As well as tens of millions of others.

The United States currently has a President who was elected by a minority of the population. His rule is growing weaker by the day. He is surrounded by people whose loyalty is only to themselves and their positions and their power. His party is suppressing all attempts to investigate him for his outright lies and ties to Russia and Putin.

We know for a fact that Putin had Russia interfere in our election. We know for a fact that the current administration has extensive ties to Russia and to Russian money. Something which they have lied under oath about.

Why do we not believe we will experience our own False Flag/Reichstag/exploding apartment building moment?

However, I submit, whatever will happen will be most real. The attack will be devastating. It will bring outrage. It will most likely be blamed on “Islamic Terrorists”. And here’s the thing—it most likely will be conducted by them.

But what we need to remember is that the terrorists on Nine-Eleven had success because they were bankrolled by Bin Laden. I submit that Putin, the richest man in the world, through numerous cut outs, is in the process, or already has, bankrolled ISIS, Chechen and other terrorist organizations, who don’t care where the money is coming from, and at least one, if not more attacks are well into the planning stage against the United States. In fact, don’t be surprised if Russia is also attacked, as Putin needs to “regrip” his control over his people.

Think of the outrage a large terrorist attack will have here? President Bush, under whose watch Nine-Eleven occurred, wasn’t blamed for the attack. His popularity rating went to over 90%. He was able get the Patriot Act passed. Start a war against a country that had nothing to do with the attack.

This is history. History repeats itself.

It can happen here. It will happen here.

Unless we are vigilant and act now while we still have a democracy to right our course. And when it does happen, to not fall into the trap of outrage that will destroy our country and our way of life.


  1. Great post Bob. So likely it’s scary.

  2. This is downright scary! So, how do we stop it? Intelligent people who haven’t drunk Trump’s Kool-aid know he lies. He shoots his mouth off and doesn’t retract statements that are proven false. But what can we do now before history repeats itself?

  3. Dalice Peterson

    March 28, 2017 at 1:49 pm

    Dang. I’ve thought this for a while, but as always, you expressed it better. I have friends who are ardent Trump supporters and apologists. They don’t see him as the scary individual I see. These are smart people, but bought the whole gallon of Kool-Aid. I see circumspect racism in them – anyone brown is the enemy. Don’t think this is limited to ‘red-necks’; some of the people I’m thinking of are professionals, and well educated, but seem to be nostalgic for the 1950s. Crap. How do you deal with that kind of thinking?

  4. Unfortunately, I have no idea who to believe anymore. “Proof” and “evidence” can be manufactured by people on both sides of the issue, so I have no idea what the real truth is.

  5. Thanks for that, Bob. All of it so–frighteningly–true. xx

  6. I like much of what you write, but fear that you have the wrong side of this issue. We were in far more danger from Hillary. Remember, much of this government is heavily infiltrated by Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s people. I agree we must fear a false flag attack, but it would come from this group still largely in power. Please read some of the articles at naturalnews.com , but do remember that he often writes with heavy sarcasm and to extremes to make his points.

    • This is patently false. The government isn’t “infiltrated” by previous administrations. Hillary lost. Please accept that and stop using that as an excuse. I am not partisan. I like to see both sides of a discussion, but also am not open to outright falsehoods. All the best.

  7. Lets be honest here. The responsible ones are – US. We were given a constitution, but over time our leaders – Democrat AND Republican -decided to ignore it, WE – including Congress – should have acted. We didn’t.
    Our last president proclaimed he had a pen – and we let him get away with it. Judges reinterpret the constitution any way they see fit – and we let them get away with it. There has been more public outrage over who can go in which bathroom than over any of the acts attacking the constitution -such as Bob mentions above – and the ones he does not mention, perpetrated by the Democratic Presidents.

    • Republican or democrat, it doesn’t matter. Even bringing that up is the problem. ‘Your side was this percentage worse than my party”? It’s like people going back to Lincoln and the Republican Party. It has nothing to do with the current situation. The current problem in Syria is a result of poor policy by the previous administration. However, we also have to accept that when that administration went to Congress (as required) for authorization to strike, the Congress, dominated by the other party, turned him down. The current President completely disregarded the rule of law and simply didn’t ask Congress for permission. Not did he even inform his Sec of State beforehand. Let’s all be Americans and stop this “Your party is worse” crap.

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