I’d never really considered what it meant that humans were able to draw. But it actually was a major step in our evolution. So what happened in 32,415 BP, Before Present?

From D-Day (Time Patrol):

“The mind is what sets humans apart from other animals,” Edith said. “It’s evolved over the millennia. Tool making was mastered by various hominid species almost a million years ago. What really separated humans from the rest was our ability to think and plan for the future. To remember and learn from the past. To conceptualize. A higher order of consciousness.

“At some point, our brains became very different. Essentially a mutation. We could imagine. We had what is called symbolic thinking, allowing one thing to stand for another. Ancient art, the first art, is the marker for when this cognitive change occurred. Without this jump on evolution, none of this, none of who we are, what we are, would have occurred.”

Moms took a deep breath and expelled it. “All right. I get it. It’s important.”