How the Time Patrol Works

TP-ID_SideThere once was a place called Atlantis. 10,000 years ago, it was attacked by a force known only as the Shadow, on the same day over the course of six years. The last attack led to Atlantis being obliterated to the point where it is just a legend.

There are many Earth timelines. The Shadow comes from one of those alternate timelines (or perhaps more than one). It is attacking our timeline by punching bubbles into our past that can last no more than 24 hours. In each bubble, the Shadow is trying to change our history and cause a time ripple.

By itself, a single time ripple can be dealt with, corrected, absorbed. But a significant time ripple that is unchecked can become a Cascade. And six Cascades combine to become a Time Tsunami.

That would be the end of our timeline. And our existence.

To achieve its goal, the Shadow attacks six points in time simultaneously; the same date, in different years.

The Time Patrol’s job to keep our timeline intact.

The Time Patrol sends an agent back to each of those six dates to keep history the same.

The Time Patrol series comes out of the Nightstalkers series, where that team becomes the Time Patrol. Here is the order of books:

Time Patrol; Black Tuesday (29 October); Ides of March (15 March); D-Day (6 June); Independence Day (4 July).




  1. This is very helpful to me. I’ve wanted to read the series, but was getting totally confused by the rapid releases and what was going on in the series. These don’t appear to be stand-alone novels. Much better to read them in order.

    • Starting with Ides of March, the books are much simpler and actually could be read out of order, although I do refer back, occasionally, to previous events. The template is basic: same date, six different years, six missions. I think the biggest confusing aspect was when I transitioned the Nightstalkers into the Time Patrol– that occurs in book one: Time Patrol.

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