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Hidden History: The World at the turn of the First Millennium

Remember Y2K? How everything was going to fall apart because computers couldn’t switch over to the new millennium?

While there were no computers in 999 AD, people did panic. Many thought the world was going to end, which seems to be a recurring theme. In one of my mission in Black Tuesday (Time Patrol), I sent Roland back to 999 AD, landing him on a Viking longship off the coast of England. His mission was an intriguing one where I really “what-iffed” history. What if there had been a warrior-priest who united Northern Europe?

Roland’s mission was to make sure such a person was never even conceived, never mind born. It turns out to be more difficult than he could have imagined. Seems Roland is getting stuck with a lot of the hard missions. He runs into Kraken, Berserkers, Valkyries and more.

Here is the world in 999:

I particularly like the part about the Pope being in league with the devil!


Free QuickRead: Vikings, Kraken, Berserkers– and Roland

Tweet this! A free QuickRead of Roland’s mission in Black Tuesday is available here in all formats . Enjoy!

(A Quickread is a complete short story that can be read in one sitting)

Kraken, Valkyries, Berserkers, Vikings and, oh yeah, Roland

World Premiere of the short video about Roland’s mission on Black Tuesday, 29 October 999 A.D.

Black Tuesday (Time Patrol)

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