. . . Episode 10? 

And with the end?

My initial thought was the series is a mashup of the movie Millennium and my concept in The Rock, where time travelers from the future try to change the past to stop their current awful present. Of course, I’m not the only one to have that time travel concept, but hey, there are only so many ideas.

If you’ve never seen Millennium, it stars Kris Kristofferson and Cheryl Ladd.  Seriously. Don’t let that turn you off; it’s actually kind of interesting and worth a see. The small touches are always nice; such as Ladd, the traveler from the future, having to smoke all the time because our air has too much oxygen for her.

But back to Episode 10. Which also features a plane. I’m trying not to give spoilers away, but seriously? You expect us to believe MacLeran just hung on, given the impact? And wasn’t turned into smoking protoplasm? At least do what Dan Simmons did in Hyperion with the cruciform or something. And then we were in MacCleran’s backstory so much in that episode it really dragged and took away from the momentum.

The season finale was a real cliff-hanger. Not as bad as who shot JR, and not as bad as last year’s Walking Dead, but it might have been a bit much to ask people to wait and wait. Of course, we’re now a generation of people who can’t wait for much.

Overall, though, I really liked it. Again, pleasantly surprised. Some really good writing on these scifi shows lately. I like the social worker character and what they did with Marcy in the reboot.

The last episode did hint at something very significant– a conflict between being guided by an AI quantum computer or by humans. Again, something I find fascinating and explored in Burners, where Dealer, the quantum computer, starts making decisions for the future of mankind. We probably won’t like a lot of those decisions. Then again, a lot of us aren’t too thrilled with our human decisions lately.  Just saying. After all, we’re irrational beings.