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Cool Gus and Sassy Becca settle down in our new place

While Write on  the River is in the past, we’re very happy and excited to be Writing Scenic, our new place. Built in 1929, the house has a warm feel to it and is closer to downtown Knoxville, as well as the river and many parks. A library is only two blocks away!

Gus and Becca have a lot more yard– and it’s mostly flat.

I do need to slide another dog bed under my desk, but they also have a nice little niche between the kitchen and breakfast room where they’re out of the way, yet can maintain a careful, guard dog watch on all action, particularly where the food is going.

We don’t have a schedule yet for workshop or retreats, but will be making one soon. Once I get the go-ahead from the boss that she’s happy with where things are. She came in my office today and mentioned two couches must move (“not right now”, which means pretty damn soon) but we’ve finally settled in.

Nothing but good times ahead!

For Writers: Point of View

Point of view is perhaps the hardest thing to teach about writing fiction. Ultimately it’s your voice as an author.

Many of us can’t even agree on the right terms to use.  In the following slides, I use first, third, and omniscient, but the lines are often blurry.

The analogy I’ve found useful, as you’ll see, is to think like a film director and where are you going to put the camera to record the scene? Who has it? When it there a “cut”?

p3110077-2_1024To the right is Cool Gus as a puppy on a rare sunny day in the Pacific Northwest with Hannah, our long-haired Germans Shepherd. Hannah raised Gus. Taught him everything he knows, except he seems to have forgotten a lot other than sleeping, eating, and chasing a ball until he collapses.

For Writers. Plot II: Outlining

The bane of many writers existence. First, the question is: Do I have to outline?

The answer. It depends. What kind of writer are you? Front-load or back-load? Pantser or Plotter? Do you even know?

More importantly than those questions is this: is your current Process working for you?  Process is a term I focus on more and more after a quarter century of writing. I’m constantly working on mine, trying different things.

Here part of my presentation on Outlining. I think most of it’s self-explanatory, but if you have an questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

img_0301_1024I hope you’re finding these posts useful! Cool Gus certainly does.

Maybe. Perhaps. Hard to tell sometimes as he’s rarely awake. It’s a tough life but someone has to do it!

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