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FREE today: Atlantis Devil’s Sea

Off the coast of Japan is a place whose reputation rivals that of the Bermuda Triangle: The Devil’s Sea.

FREE today on Kindle: Atlantis: Devil’s Sea.

“Thelma and Louise go clandestine!”

That was the summation of the review from Kirkus for Bodyguard of Lies.

Kindle Countdown: Bodyguard of Lies.  .99 12-15 October. 

At the core of the story: Who polices the world of covert operations? The Cellar.

“I trusted you. And you betrayed me.”

The world of covert operations is full of paranoia because everyone is out to get you!

Today, for only .99, in a Kindle Countdown, is one of my favorites, Lost Girls, featuring Neeley and Hannah and the organization that polices the world of covert operations: The Cellar.

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