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The Years. Examining History A Year At A Time

I’m a sucker for history. When I went to West Point, back in the Old Corps days, when men were men, we ate rocks for breakfast, and the sheep ran scared, they said the education was like trying to take a drink from a fire hydrant turned full blast. I think I averaged around 22 hours a semester in academics; on top of parades, inspections, being on the marathon team, military training, intramural, etc. We had classes six days a week. Despite that, we didn’t graduate with a specific major, just a concentration.

Mine was in psychology, so when I went back to graduate school, imagine my surprise to find out I couldn’t get a Masters degree without an undergraduate major. I discovered, given the hours I had at West Point, the quickest way to that, was to take a couple more undergraduate history courses. Apparently I took a lot of history at West Point. They were big on it. Also, though, growing up, going to the library constantly, I not only read a lot of fiction, I also got the old Dewey Decimal System pretty much memorized and was always drawn to the 900 section. I have a brain full of weird stuff, yet can’t remember what is in the refrigerator that we bought the other day. Seriously. Deb just has to put it behind something and I’ll never find it or remember it was there.

I use slideshare.net to upload my keynote/powerpoint presentations. I’ve got most of my ones I use at conferences on writing uploaded, along with ones on my various books. This morning I just pulled together 28 years of history on 28 separate presentations and managed to link them all. Quite tedious and I’m not good at tedious, but it’s done.

So for those of you who likes history and facts and weird stuff, here is the master slideshare for all of it:


Hidden History: Monticello 4 July 1826.

Thomas Jefferson is dying. In New England, so is John Adams. In one of the greatest coincidences in history, two of the founders of this country die on the same day, fifty years to the day after the formal date designated as the signing of the Declaration of Independence. What secrets do they hold? What secret does Jefferson’s lover and slave, Sally Hemings have?

Hidden History: 29 October 1618. “Fear not death too much, nor fear death too little . . .

. . .  lest you fail in your hopes; not too little, lest you die presumptuously. And here I must conclude with my prayers to God for it, and that he would have mercy on your soul.” Thus sayeth the Lord Chief Justice on 29 October 1618 to Sir Walter Raleigh.

Given that Raleigh had been living under a death sentence for a couple of decades, perhaps there was a silver lining?

The What If, of course, is if he hadn’t been executed? That’s the conundrum Mac, a Time Patrol agent, faces in Black Tuesday.

I’ve been getting feedback from parents who home-school about all the history in my Time Patrol books. How they find it’s a great way to mix entertainment and learning. It’s seems time travel is having a big comeback with several new TV shows featuring it.

Here is some interesting history from 1618:



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