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“The only ones I envy about this whole thing are the dead.”

No, we’re not talking about the Walking Dead. This is William Mulholland, the man who brought the water to Los Angeles at the inquest about the failure the St. Francis Dam, which he designed. The slideshow below tells the story. If you’d like the entire thing, it’s a free Quickread you can download from Amazon.



Hidden History: Monticello 4 July 1826.

Thomas Jefferson is dying. In New England, so is John Adams. In one of the greatest coincidences in history, two of the founders of this country die on the same day, fifty years to the day after the formal date designated as the signing of the Declaration of Independence. What secrets do they hold? What secret does Jefferson’s lover and slave, Sally Hemings have?

36 Years Ago: A Plane Crashed and History Changed

Eglin Air Force Base, 29 October 1980. A specially modified C-130, designed to land inside of, and take off from, a soccer stadium in Tehran, crashed on its last test flight. It was the key component of Operation Credible Sport, the planned second hostage rescue mission.

What if it had succeeded? This is one of the mission in Black Tuesday (Time Patrol). For the the mission briefing and more info, including footage of the crash, enter the briefing room by clicking on the Gate!

Briefing Room

Coming in November.


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