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New Years Preparation #3: Free APPs you need to download now!

This costs nothing, but could pay great dividends! And many of these are useful even outside of an emergency situation.

The medical Apps are life-saving and easily accessible, often with video to show you, step by step what to do.

Nothing but good times ahead!

But if not? Prepare Now. Survive Later.


New Year’s Preparation Resolution #2: Three Easy Things to Get Now To Drastically Increase Your Home’s Preparation

When you mention emergency preparation, most people think of someone holed up a bunker surrounded by cases of food, guns, ammunition, with a bit of a strange look in their eye.

The reality is 80% of US Counties have been hit by a weather-related disaster since 2007. That’s four out of every five of us. If you talk to people who’ve been through that, they’ll tell you there are a few simple things that they found essential– or wished they would have had on hand before the emergency. Simple things. Inexpensive things that you can get today, put in your house, and not have to worry about any more. Your family will thank you! Here they are:

Let’s have a safe and wonderful 2017!

3 Simple Things To Get For Your Home Today To Be Prepared

It’s estimated only 40% of households have done any preparation for emergencies, whether natural or man-made. Rather than jump in on the deep end, let’s start slow and prioritize.

Here are the top 3 things you should get right now (including photos of my own):


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