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Techno Thursday: Back to the Future Part II

We’re gearing up for the release of Nine-Eleven by Bob Mayer, which is a Time Travel novel, so I thought it fitting to actually talk about time travel. The rules of Time Travel are mind boggling. I can barely keep track of the time differences in the different time zone’s my kids live in, much less consider the world of Time Travel and the ramifications that Time Travel could cause. That said, I’m utterly fascinated by Time Travel.

Back to the Future II was released in 1989. I was 23. Married for a year. Still in college. Was using a dot matrix printer. An original IBM PC (still think I’m cooler than Bob with his original Mac whatever). I had finally declared a major of Business Education with a Concentration in Marketing in Sales. I was in it for the computers. Seriously. The class I really wanted to teach was BC/BCA or Business Computers/Business Computer Applications. I worked in the PC computer lab at college. Lotus 1-2-3 and Word Perfect were the best software programs out there. And DOS! Oh the days of the C Prompt.

I frame this because one never knows what our future will look like in say, a short, twenty-five years or so…or do we?

Back to the Future II introduced the concept of head-mounted virtual reality devices.

Here’s my cousin at a family gathering just last year!

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 3.09.29 PM


I wish I had a picture of the little box that Bob and his wife Deb got while I was done there a while back on business. Deb tossed it at me and was like, what on earth is this. I was determined to figure it out, as I put it together and stuck my iPhone in it and low and behold, a virtual tour of a City. It was kind of cool that a little box you put together, then insert your phone would do that.

I’m not totally sure the movie created the technology, but there was nothing like that head gear anywhere at the time. And lets face it, fiction writers have very unique imaginations.

What are some of your favorite technologies that came to life after being show in a movie?

To “Self”-Publish, You Need a Team

kirkus-coverI’m linking to an article I wrote that was published in Kirkus:

To “Self”-Publish, You Need a Team


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