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Elle– a gripping, thoughtful and controversial movie

It was not what I expected from the reviews and comments I’d read. This movie is not viewed easily and takes time to digest. In fact, I know I have to watch it again because the flow was  unexpected in so many different ways.

The Director was Paul Verhoeven, whose career includes such films as Robocop, Total Recall, Basic Instinct, Showgirls and Starship Troopers. I thought the last one was simply awful; a terrible adaptation of Heinlein’s book so I wasn’t optimistic. Not that Showgirls was much good either. I thought Robocop was better than a lot of people critiqued it– something that we will see coming true. Basic Instinct– eh, not too thrilled.

But this was different than all of them. Very psychological. While the core of the movie is rape, I think it’s much more complex than that. It’s about people. All of them bringing their ego and narcissism to the table, yet also bringing an ability occasionally get out of themselves. Like real life. There were some scenes I didn’t buy off on, but since I’m a man, duh, I’ll refrain from commenting, although my wife agreed with me. And she’s smarter than me.

I was surprised to read that it was initially considered for filming in America. I just don’t see that. I thought it very much a French film. Isabelle Huppert was superb in a very difficult role. Definitely deserved her Oscar nomination.

What we take out of a book or show or film is tainted by what we bring to it: our perspective. One thing striking me lately is the ability of people to get out of themselves at critical times. When someone else is in crisis. The ability, or lack of it, at those times, is an insight into true character. I believe we get to know who someone really is in a crisis. This movie had many of those moments.

Lots of twists and turns in the plot. Definitely worth watching.

The key to the film was honesty. I showed people, as they really are. And that can be very disturbing.

Two paws up from Cool Gus.

When Was The First Art? And Why Was It Important?

I’d never really considered what it meant that humans were able to draw. But it actually was a major step in our evolution. So what happened in 32,415 BP, Before Present?

From D-Day (Time Patrol):

“The mind is what sets humans apart from other animals,” Edith said. “It’s evolved over the millennia. Tool making was mastered by various hominid species almost a million years ago. What really separated humans from the rest was our ability to think and plan for the future. To remember and learn from the past. To conceptualize. A higher order of consciousness.

“At some point, our brains became very different. Essentially a mutation. We could imagine. We had what is called symbolic thinking, allowing one thing to stand for another. Ancient art, the first art, is the marker for when this cognitive change occurred. Without this jump on evolution, none of this, none of who we are, what we are, would have occurred.”

Moms took a deep breath and expelled it. “All right. I get it. It’s important.”

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