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Hidden History: The Battle of the Teutoberg Forest. 9-11-9 AD.

Today’s briefing: the battle that stopped the Roman Empire at the Rhine River, forever changing history.

But what if Rome had won? 

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Cool Gus Time Travel: 9-11-9 A.D. The Battle of the Teutoberg Forest.

Launching a new series of short film clips on history, introduced by Cool Gus!

This is one of the missions in Nine Eleven (Time Patrol)

15 March 44 B.C. What if Caesar lived?

The more I researched Caesar’s assassination, the more intriguing it became. I loved how in the HBO series ROME, a contributing factor was Vorenus rushing away to confront his wife, leaving Caesar defenseless. But, in reality, there are some theories that Caesar had a very good idea what he walking into that day.

It must have been rather hard to keep such a conspiracy secret in a city such as Rome. Caesar was suffering from a malady, many think it was epilepsy, although some have proposed he suffered mini-strokes. Regardless, he was an ill man. He did some strange things in the months leading up to his death. At one point, Marc Antony tried to crown him and Caesar refused. But its doubtful Antony would have come up with this on his own.

Perhaps Caesar committed suicide by assassination?

But a more intriguing What If is this: What If Marc Antony had been able to get to Caesar and warn him? Together they decided to turn the tables on the assassins?

Ides of March (Time Patrol)

Caesar was only 56 when he died. What if he’d lived another 20 years, ruling Rome? How would history be different?

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