. . . a very dark time in that country’s history and might have a connection to the timing of the attack on the United States 28 years later to the day.

The official tally is 2,279 killed; 1,248 ‘disappeared’, 28,000 tortured, 250,000 people detained, 38,254 imprisoned and over 200,000 people sent into exile. It took until 1988 for Chile to return to democracy. The “Leahy Law” was passed in the United States prohibiting military assistance to military units and members of foreign security forces that violate human rights. This was because of the strong suspicion the United States MILGROUP in Chile worked closely with the Chilean military in both conducting the coup and afterwards. There is no doubt that President Nixon and his National Security Adviser, Henry Kissinger, wanted President Allende overthrown.  Kissinger: “I don’t see why we need to stand by and watch a country go communist due to the irresponsibility of its people. The issues are much too important for the Chilean voters to be left to decide for themselves.”

The movie Missing was made about one of the Americans killed in the aftermath of the coup, Charles Horman.  Sissy Spacek and Jack Lemmon were both nominated for Academy Awards.

letelier-bombOn 21 September, 1976, an opponent of General Pinochet, Orlando Letelier, who had been Allende’s ambassador to the United States, was assassinated by Chilean secret police in Washington DC., a brazen act.

Out of office, Pinochet traveled to Britain in 1998 where he was arrested for human rights violations, the first time a former head of state had ever been charged without a charge from his home country. He was allowed to return to Chile because of health reasons. He died in 2006.

There has been some speculation that Nine Eleven was chosen as the date for his attack by Bin Laden because of the U.S. involvement in Chile in 1973.

The 1973 coup is one of the missions in Nine Eleven (Time Patrol)