Hidden History: The Aftermath of Rome’s Greatest Defeat Still Affects Us Today

9 AD. Teutoberg Forest: While Rome mounted several expeditions east of the Rhine River in the years following the Battle of the Tuetoberg Forest, it never attempted a permanent settlement on that side of the River, keeping it as its boundary. The battle ended Roman expansion in Northern Europe.

Eventually, the tribes there, including the Vandals and the Goths, would become part of the force the destroys the Roman Empire.

The Emperor Augustus, upon being informed of the disaster was reported to smash his head against the wall of his palace repeatedly, crying out “Quintili Vare, legiones redde!“ (‘Quintilius Varus, give me back my legions!’).

Nine Eleven (Time Patrol) coming this Sunday!

Here is the scene from the BBC’s I, Claudius, reworded slightly:

Eventually, the standards of all three legions were recovered by Roman expeditions against the Germanic tribes. The last was recovered in 41 AD. In 50 AD, over forty years after the Battle, some Romans from Varus’ command, still held prisoners by the Germans, were liberated from slavery.

Cool Gus time travel:



  1. Hey, Bob. How about writing a different story for 9/11? One that looks at all the current controversy that it could not have happened the way we’ve been told. You are the only one who could write a fictional account that might end up being true.

    • I actually believe it did happen the way history records it and is generally accepted. I do touch on the 707 vs 767 issue, but that’s about fuel. I also felt, out of respect for those who died, and those who lost loved ones, that it wasn’t a topic to be used. I think a lot of strange things have happened and history is often mis-recorded, but in this case, I think it’s right.

      • Totally agree about respect for those who died. No question that the tragedy would be even worse if it was planned to start a war. I’ve been reading a lot about it lately though and there are just so many issues, like why the towers came down, the wing span of the planes being wider than the damage to the buildings, no recording of the flights that day, the planes that were involved still being active years later and the gaps in the videos as though the planes were CGI. All very troublesome.

        • Every single “challenge” to the historical narrative has been successfully debunked. I’ve seen them all. For instance, you mentioned the “gap” in the video. I assume you are referring to the clip of the second plane hitting the tower where the wing appears to pass behind a building. The fact is that if you look at the layout of the buildings downtown, you’ll see that the “building” that appears to be farther away than the towers is actually a part of a building on the camera’s side of the shot between the camera and the plane and the plane’s wing actually does go behind the building because the building is between the tower and the camera and the plane which is quite large passes between that building and the second tower which it strikes. The conspiracy theory people use optical illusions, misstated “facts” and a lot of speculation based on preconceived notions to put together a scenario that sounds plausible even though it’s really not. Conspiracies are highly unlikely in most cases because governments are lousy at keeping secrets, especially one of the magnitude that the 9/11 “conspiracy” would have had to have been. But don’t try to argue with a conspiracy theorist. These guys have their idea made up long before they go to gathering evidence and they are not above making stuff up to fill in the gaps in their theories. I’ve tried to track down some of their “experts” and most have no credentials or credentials in non-related to engineering or architectural fields. If a photo appears fuzzy, it’s because they were trying to hide something. If it is crisp and clear, it was set up by the government to prove their case. You cannot win with these guys, because they can “PROVE” their point simply by making things up off the top of their heads. To debunk it, you have to do actual research, which I got more than my fill of. It doesn’t matter if they call me a sucker or unwilling to face the truth. I no longer rise to the bait. I simply consider the source. The tinfoil hats are a dead giveaway.

          Tom King

          • Yes, I watched the video explaining the “disappearing” wing and it made perfect sense. For me, having watched it all live in horror, my first reaction and one that has lasted all these years since, plus one I have never read any credible evidence to explain, is why the towers came down the way they did. They were constructed specifically to withstand the crash of an airplane without collapsing, yet they came down like they were cardboard. Just doesn’t make sense.

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