For Writers: Point of View

Point of view is perhaps the hardest thing to teach about writing fiction. Ultimately it’s your voice as an author.

I’ll be presenting this tomorrow night, 14 March, for the Chattanooga Writers Guild. If you’re nearby, stop by.

Many of us can’t even agree on the right terms to use.¬† In the following slides, I use first, third, and omniscient, but the lines are often blurry.

The analogy I’ve found useful, as you’ll see, is to think like a film director and where are you going to put the camera to record the scene? Who has it? When it there a “cut”?

p3110077-2_1024To the right is Cool Gus as a puppy on a rare sunny day in the Pacific Northwest with Hannah, our long-haired Germans Shepherd. Hannah raised Gus. Taught him everything he knows, except he seems to have forgotten a lot other than sleeping, eating, and chasing a ball until he collapses.

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  1. Never mind the stuff about writing – more pics of Gus as a Puppy with Hanna, please. You know most of your fan base is really only here to hear about Cool Gus……Gus is cool, you…not as much.

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