Live in an Earthquake Area?

A 5.0 earthquake hit central Oklahoma recently.  It was felt as far away as Texas and Iowa. Oklahoma is not a place where people normally think earthquake. It’s believed that fracking has caused a number of earthquakes in the region and its getting worse.

Here are the top ten strongest and deadliest earthquakes in the world since 1900. And yes, the US makes the list:

The question for those who live in an area where an earthquake is possible– which raises an even earlier question of whether people know they live in an earthquake zone– is are you ready? It’s too late when its happening to get ready or learn what to do. To get a link to earthquake probabilities and information on how to be ready and what to do:



  1. How is something built on “dirt and sound”? And it’s a pipe wrench, not piper wrench.

  2. Believe it or not, Oklahoma passed California a few years ago and has more earthquakes per year than all states but Alaska. AND I truly believe it is caused by fracking

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