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Live in an Earthquake Area?

A 5.0 earthquake hit central Oklahoma recently.  It was felt as far away as Texas and Iowa. Oklahoma is not a place where people normally think earthquake. It’s believed that fracking has caused a number of earthquakes in the region and its getting worse.

Here are the top ten strongest and deadliest earthquakes in the world since 1900. And yes, the US makes the list:

The question for those who live in an area where an earthquake is possible– which raises an even earlier question of whether people know they live in an earthquake zone– is are you ready? It’s too late when its happening to get ready or learn what to do. To get a link to earthquake probabilities and information on how to be ready and what to do:


3 Simple Things To Get For Your Home Today To Be Prepared

It’s estimated only 40% of households have done any preparation for emergencies, whether natural or man-made. Rather than jump in on the deep end, let’s start slow and prioritize.

Here are the top 3 things you should get right now (including photos of my own):


Westworld. Thoughts.

wwmagesI watched the first two episodes of Westworld and was immediately drawn into this rather amazing remake of Crichton’s story. The movie wasn’t so hot but maybe I was never a Richard Benjamin fan. I did love Money Pit, but as an actor he seems very The Last of Sheila all the time. So, I wasn’t too enthused but my wife said I’d like it and when we met we had all the same books on our shelves, so she’s usually right about what I’d like. And in this case it’s not so much the story though that’s there–it’s the showing and not telling. It’s a good example of when writers and producers choose to believe that you’re as smart as they are. 
And it’s a fitting story of our times as we see racism and sexism finally tossed on the table for discussion and not locked away like the crazed wife in the attic.
Ignore her, I love you.
cgapprovedAt heart there is an apt line in the second episode which says it all–are you one of them?, meaning a robot, and she says if you can’t tell then does it matter? Because the other meaning of that is that if you can tell then it does matter. Meaning that a robot who looks like us is and acts like us is easier to accept than another human who doesn’t look like us or act like us.
Westworld is a lot of things and all of them complicated and thought-provoking. It’s a love it or hate it thing which, like a Rorschach test, says a lot about you in how you interpret it.
Nothing but good times ahead!
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