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A California Dam that failed in 1928 with devastating results- and there’s one just like it, still in LA

Given the concern over the Oroville Dam, let’s not underestimate the danger. We can look to history for how bad this can become.

3 minutes before midnight on 12 March 1928, the St. Francis Dam, north of Los Angeles, failed.

Designed by William Mulholland, a self-taught engineer, the story of why the dam failed is in my short nonfiction book, which is free for download here.

It’s curious to note there is a sister dam just like it, the Mulholland Dam in LA, holding the Hollywood Reservoir. While it was greatly reinforced after the St. Francis disaster, it’s something to think about.

Never underestimate the power of water.

Here are some more images from the disaster. Mulholland at the site of the collapse the day after:


And below is the dam before

and after

Hidden History: Monticello 4 July 1826.

Thomas Jefferson is dying. In New England, so is John Adams. In one of the greatest coincidences in history, two of the founders of this country die on the same day, fifty years to the day after the formal date designated as the signing of the Declaration of Independence. What secrets do they hold? What secret does Jefferson’s lover and slave, Sally Hemings have?

Presidential Power

The Founding Fathers were very concerned about an imperial Presidency. They structured the government in order to have checks and balances. But what if Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton, political opponents, united in one thing: a secret document that is the ultimate check on a President who exceeds his power?

The Jefferson Allegiance

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