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Gettysburg, 4 July 1863. One shot. Video, free QuickRead

Pickett’s Charge (technically Pickett, Pettigrew and Trimble’s Charge) is considered the high water mark of the Confederacy on 3 July 1863. It rained on the 4th as the Union sat on Cemetery Ridge and the Confederates on Seminary Ridge.

Roland’s Time Patrol mission is to take one shot on the 4th of July to prevent the Union from making a fatal mistake and doing the reverse of Picket’s Charge into the Valley of Death.

What he didn’t count on was being stuck among the wounded from the previous days’ combat while waiting to take that shot. You can read Roland’s complete mission in a Quickread here. The complete book: Independence Day (Time Patrol)

The World’s Largest Plane, Carrying the World’s Most Powerful Bomb . . .

. . . what could go wrong?

AN225 landing11 September 2001. The AN-225 cargo plane sets a world record for weight lifted, carrying four main battle tanks, weighing 253.82 tons to an altitude of 35,270 feet at a speed of 474.2 miles per hour.

But, what if on that day, there was a second AN-226, carrying a special payload: Tsar Bomba. The most powerful nuclear weapon ever made, capable of an explosion of 100 megatons. And the plane disappeared?

Enter the Time Patrol briefing room to know more about the mission in Nine Eleven:

Cool Gus Time Travel: 9-11-9 A.D. The Battle of the Teutoberg Forest.

Launching a new series of short film clips on history, introduced by Cool Gus!

This is one of the missions in Nine Eleven (Time Patrol)

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