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If only Hamilton and Jefferson had brokered the Jefferson Allegiance to stop an Imperial Presidency

Perhaps the greatest thing George Washington ever did was step away from the Presidency. There were many at the time our country was founded who wanted to make him King. He turned that down. Then they wanted to make him President for Life. But he also turned that down.

He walked away.

Not many people willingly walk away from power.

When I wrote The Jefferson Allegiance several years ago, I did a lot of research on the Founding Fathers and how they viewed politics and government. Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton disagreed on many things, but one thing they both had concerns about was a President who ran amok.

At the core of the story is a document that Jefferson and Hamilton broker to place a secret control on the government; specifically the President.

Steeped in history, The Jefferson Allegiance is one of my best reviewed books and hit #2 nationally at Barnes and Noble when it was released. It seems more current than ever before.


36 Years Ago: A Plane Crashed and History Changed

Eglin Air Force Base, 29 October 1980. A specially modified C-130, designed to land inside of, and take off from, a soccer stadium in Tehran, crashed on its last test flight. It was the key component of Operation Credible Sport, the planned second hostage rescue mission.

What if it had succeeded? This is one of the mission in Black Tuesday (Time Patrol). For the the mission briefing and more info, including footage of the crash, enter the briefing room by clicking on the Gate!

Briefing Room

Coming in November.


Did Raleigh really put his cloak down for Queen Elizabeth I? Was he ever . . .

actually in North America?

For the first, probably not, for the second: Nope.

We do know he was beheaded on 29 October 1618.  Then again. What if he wasn’t?

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