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If only Hamilton and Jefferson had brokered the Jefferson Allegiance to stop an Imperial Presidency

Perhaps the greatest thing George Washington ever did was step away from the Presidency. There were many at the time our country was founded who wanted to make him King. He turned that down. Then they wanted to make him President for Life. But he also turned that down.

He walked away.

Not many people willingly walk away from power.

When I wrote The Jefferson Allegiance several years ago, I did a lot of research on the Founding Fathers and how they viewed politics and government. Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton disagreed on many things, but one thing they both had concerns about was a President who ran amok.

At the core of the story is a document that Jefferson and Hamilton broker to place a secret control on the government; specifically the President.

Steeped in history, The Jefferson Allegiance is one of my best reviewed books and hit #2 nationally at Barnes and Noble when it was released. It seems more current than ever before.


75 Years later. Remembrances for a Day of Infamy.

uss-coloradoMy father was in the Navy in the Pacific in the last year of World War II. He was a young teenager when Pearl Harbor was attacked and he was still just a teenager when he shipped out to war. Growing up in New York City, he’d seen the Hindenburg fly over, just before its fatal attempted landing in New Jersey. He never talked much about the war, although he did mention how the crew of the USS Colorado (to the right) felt when it was announced that they would be departing the waters off of Okinawa where they’d been providing fire support and battling off Kamikazes, to be part of the fleet that would face down the largest battleship ever built, the Yamato.

imagesFortunately, the Yamato (left) was sunk by submarines and aircraft before the American battleships reached it.

He went to USS Colorado re-unions several times. Initially with my mother, and then after she passed, my older sister, Ellen, would go with him. But those re-unions are all fading away now.

75 years ago today, a peacetime Navy was attacked in Hawaii, which wasn’t even a state yet. The miscalculations on both sides that led up to that attack were staggering.

But none of that mattered to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice on 7 December 1941.

We can only pay our heartfelt respects.



87 Years Ago Today, 29 October 1929, Was BLACK TUESDAY

The  world changed forever on that date, as the crash of the stock market ushered in the Great Depression.  Black Tuesday (Time Patrol)

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