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How To Stop An Imperial Presidency?

One of the greatest things George Washington did was walk away after his last term as President. There were those who wanted to anoint him king. Others who wanted him President-for-Life. But he gave up the power willingly.

I was pondering this several years ago. I thought about how, in our long history, we’ve had Presidents overstep their bounds. Break the law. Jefferson himself, with the Louisiana Purchase.  Polk and the trumped up Mexican War which expanded our country almost as much as the Purchase– ie California, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, etc. Lincoln taking powers during war that were illegal.

How were they stopped? Did the process work? Or did Hamilton and Jefferson, two very opposite men, sit down and hammer out an agreement, a secret Allegiance, that could be invoked to stop a rogue President?

The very first law, enacted by the very first Congress, is the oath of office for military officers. That’s how serious it was considered. It’s an oath I took at 17, on the Plain at West Point. It’s one I still believe in.

Today, Monday and Tuesday, for President’s Weekend, The Jefferson Allegiance is FREE. Take the time to read a thriller steeped in history and politics. This book was a #2 National Bestseller at Barnes and Noble when it first came out.

Have a great weekend!


“Sometimes betrayal is the only love left.”

Because it’s not apathy. Apathy is the death of nothingness. Betrayal is caring enough that you matter.

At least that’s the way Hannah looks at in Bodyguard of Lies. She tells this to Neeley, the female assassin she’s teamed up with, as they desperately try to find out the truth of their past. More accurately, the men in their past. To see through the lies and betrayals to a truth.

The title indicates this. It comes from something Winston Churchill said in the dark days of World War II.

Bodyguard of Lies, btw, is free today on Kindle.

Hannah and Neeley are introduced in Bodyguard and they’re still around, even in my Time Patrol books. I was just writing about the two of them meeting Roland, who is sort of an item now with Neeley, and how that goes in Valentines Day, my next publication, a novella that will be out shortly.

There are some concepts in Bodyguard my wife and I have spent a lot of time discussing and pondering. BTW, she wrote that line in the title. It’s hard for me to tell where her writing stops and mine starts, although she could clearly tell you. She’s got perfect memory which means she wins every argument because I can’t remember squat. Last night, when we were unloading the groceries she was being very specific in telling me where she was putting thing because she knows I won’t remember and I won’t look behind things. But I digress. One concept we like is the Cellar. We hope there is a Cellar. An organization in the shadows, with someone who only has the good of the country at heart, not personal desires. Who makes the hard, right choices.

I hope you enjoy Bodyguard and your time with Hannah and Neeley!

On another matter, quite a few comments on the last blog, which was interesting. It’s kind of funny to realize I was talking about that, then I started thinking how often I comment on blogs– and really, not much. I don’t think I’ve ever left an Amazon review. I do reviews on Goodreads at times. On the other hand, I sometimes read Amazon reviews when I’m thinking of buying something I have little idea about. But I wonder how true they are? I know Amazon works hard at it, but I have no doubt there are spam reviews. I can see them on some books, especially some big authors where there are just these bland, verified purchase reviews of 5 starts that all kind of sound the same, amidst 2 and 3 star, in-depth reviews. Ah well, it is what it is. More on the dark neighborhood is coming. If you can handle it.



What Happened to Taylor & Nova after seeing the Statue of Liberty at the end of Planet of the Apes?

That’s the question my short story, The Pacing Place, answers in Tales from the Forbidden Zone, a new anthology published this month about Planet of the Apes.

From that moment, across the and into the Forbidden Zone, Taylor and Nova face unique challenges. Compressing that into a short story was a lot of fun and the tale is one that I really believe is heart-rending. Deb gave me the core of the idea and streamed the center of the story; always a great combination.

Who will Taylor speak to? Will there be others? Will the Apes come after them?

I’ve been AWOL because we moved. We’ve left Write on the River behind and are opening a new chapter in our lives. We’re still in Knoxville, further in town, in an old, classic neighborhood. We’re renting a house that’s actually listed on Wikipedia when you check this area. It’s almost 100 years old, designed by an architect who also did some of the buildings at UT. We love the place and look forward to holding our workshops and retreats here in a very unique venue. We don’t have dates for the first workshops– I asked Deb this morning and the look I got was: let’s finish putting things away before we tackle that. Still not sure what to call the new locale, but we were looking in the den this morning and it reminded me of one of those old lodges where manly men smoke cigars and discover exploring the Amazon. Except for the huge flatscreen and new sound system.

Nothing but good times ahead!


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