A Survival Guide Does You No Good If . . .

. . . you don’t have it with you. A Survival Guide is something you MUST have with you for reference, not on your shelf in your home.

I just received print copies of my newly published Survive Now-Thrive Later manual and am very happy with the way it turned out. We’re paying extra for the small size, but there’s no point publishing it in print if it isn’t handy. You can see it next to my Ranger handbook, which survived many, many days, weeks, months and years deployed. It went through all sorts of weather, safely inside a Zip-lock bag inside my cargo pocket in my pants or shirt. I’ve used it under a poncho in freezing rain at night with a red lens flashlight. In eight feet of snow. In mud and blood and beer. Okay, one too far there.

Measuring Survive Now with a ruler it comes in at four inches wide by slightly under six inches tall. It easily fits into the cargo pocket of my pants. It’s only a little bit bigger than my wallet. I am stashing a copy in all my Grab-n-Go bags (home, car, ERP). Also a handy copy in the glove compartment of both our cars.

And the way I designed it, the most important information comes first. I plan on using small post its to tab contents for easy reference (don’t have that printing option– yet).

Note that on page one, we go right to the first priority of First Aid Triage:  Breathing.

Did you know can do a self-Heimlich? If you need to do one, can you make it to your book shelf? Do you have time to check the table of contents?

The first rule of three: 3 minutes without breathing.

I’m gifting copies of this book to my family and friends because it’s really, really important. I wrote it after my grandsons moved to San Diego and I realized there wasn’t a set of practical guides out there for preparing for and a small, to the point, survival guide– designed for the average person.

Prepare Now-Survive Later is the companion book and is focused on how to gradually, step-by-step prepare yourself, your home, your car, your work/school, etc.

Give the gift of life!


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  1. Ordered and received my copies of both books already. I’m glad you wrote them. Thank you. Maybe the next time I see you, I’ll have you sign them. Have a great holiday.

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